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At a Wednesday press conference in Greenville, SC, former SC Reagan for President Co-Chairman and  legislator Richard T. Hines will address questions many traditional conservative South Carolina citizens are asking as the South Carolina Republican Primary approaches. "Citizens are disgusted that Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and Jeb Bush would try to solicit Governor Haley’s endorsements after she disgracefully removed the Confederate Memorial flag ... [read more]


SAVE SOUTHERN HERITAGE, Inc. (SSH) will deliver a special message to Mayor Stephen M. Witt and the Lake City, Florida City Council during the city’s Olustee Festival & Parade on Saturday, 12 FEB 2016 from (approximately) 10 a.m. to 12 a.m. in response to the city’s 2015 vote to purge the City’s ties to its historical past by eliminating ... [read more]

The flyover of the Ft. Worth Stock Show and Rodeo on the 6th of February was a success and brought great awareness to the cause of honoring those Southerners who fought for their state of TX. The story was covered favorably by the Ft. Worth Star Telegram, the Dallas Morning News and... [read more]


SAVE SOUTHERN HERITAGE, Inc. (SSH) will deliver a special message to the Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo on Saturday, 06 FEB 2016 from 11:30-1:30 PM in response to the FWSS&R’s banning the Confederate Battle flag from the opening Rodeo parade 2 weeks ago. A Veteran’s heritage honor ... [read More]

Des Moines, IOWA – SAVE SOUTHERN HERITAGE, Inc. (SSH) will deliver a special message to the contenders in Thursday’s GOP Presidential Debate in Des Moines, Iowa in response to GOP complicity, apathy and cowardice in the destruction of Southern Heritage and Confederate symbols in South Carolina, Florida*, New Orleans, Austin**, Texas... [read more]

WHERE:  SC Statehouse, south mall WHEN: Saturday, January 9th from 11am to 3pm WHAT TO BRING AND TIPS:  Bring your Confederate flags, bring your spouse, bring your children, bring your grandchildren, bring your brother-in law, bring your friends, bring anyone who can walk, run or drive & carry a flag. Plan ahead - there is a Pro Life Rally on the North face of the State ...

The flag of the Army of Northern Virginia is slightly altered to a rectangle from a square and is commonly referred to as the Confederate Flag. This has never been the flag of the Confederate States of America and has never flown over any slaves. There have been ...

Our camp acknowledges the tragic events that occurred at Emanuel AME Church in Charleston and have prayed for the families of the victims. We also agree that this was a senseless attack, and the perpetrator was deranged and apparently a racist. What we do not agree with is the thought that his actions somehow were related to the Confederate Flag or what it represents.

IMPORTANT!! The SC House went into recess this afternoon but will reconvene tomorrow morning to continue the issue of the flag . We need to concentrate efforts tonight and into tomorrow contacting Representatives, especially the two below. Our stance must be to remain firm allow the voters in referendum to settle this once and for all . Use the phone numbers below to make a c ...

The SC House is in recess for the next 1-1/2 hours we MUST HAMMER Speaker Jay Lucas with emails and phone calls. Speaker Jay Lucas 843-383-9421 803-734-3125 OUR MESSAGE: ALLOW A REFERENDUM or FIND A JOB ...

Everyone should do all in his power to collect and disseminate the truth, in the hope that it may find a place in history and descend to posterity. History is not the relation of campaigns and battles and generals or other individuals, but that which shows the principles for which the South contended and which justified her struggle for those principles.

Robert E. Lee